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Monday, April 19, 2010

Waking up from a winters sleep

The winter is over and spring is here.  The trees are blooming and getting green.

Time to pull the 5th wheeler out of it’s long winter sleep. 

First thing is to de winterize the water system.  I connected my water hose to the City water system to flush the antifreeze out of the water lines and all I heard was water pouring out of some place.  I looked in the basement and saw water on the floor of the basement.

There are two water filters in line with the City water connection and the water was coming from that area.


It seems that when I winterized the rig in the Fall I used the water pump to pull the antifreeze through the system and never drained the water filters and put  antifreeze in the City water side. 

Oops! The bottom of both filters broke. 


I looked up the web site of the manufacturer of the water filters and found a dealer near me.  I called and explained my problem.  He said they did not have any in stock and would call his distributor and get back to me. Of coarse he never did even after several more calls.  I then called another dealer of the filter in New Jersey and same thing.

I then emailed Richard Dahl at the RV Water Filter Store who was very helpful. He said he did not have the exact brand but the brands he did carry should fit and work the same.  He also recommended a different filter cartridge setup that works better.

I ordered the new filters brackets and cartridges from the web site.  I installed them.  They were a perfect fit. All I had to do was unscrew the brackets holding the filters to the wall and disconnect all of the fittings.


After that the process went  smoothly, The filters filled with water and the water flowed properly. I filled the fresh water tank and ran the water to flush out all of the antifreeze.

I guess I won’t make the mistake again.

Next is to power wash the rig and clean the solar panels.

The work never ends!!