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Smokey Mountain National Park, Newfound Gap

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Back to Bolder City (Bolder City, NV)


We left Boise headed for Albuquerque and the Balloon Festival.   We had reservations to dry camp (no hookups) for 12 days at the balloon festival. It took 3 days to make the trip.  The fist night we stayed in a campground outside of Canyon Lands and Arches NP.  It was hard not to stop and see these NPs.  These NPs are on our bucket list, but time did not permit us to linger.  The next night we stayed in an Elks Lodge Farmington, NM.  The next day we pushed on to Albuquerque.  We arrived early for the Balloon Festival so we stayed at a great campground in Albuquerque, American RV Park   We met up with Judy & Bob and Pete & Diane, members of the New Horizons group, where we had a great time.

Then it was time to go to the Balloon Festival and meet up with the Escapees Boomers group.  After setting up it was time for Happy Hour where we got acquainted with the other Boomers. The next morning we went over to the main launch area to get training as ground crew members.  After the training we received our ground crew assignments. 

When we retuned to the camper we received a call from my brother, Vic, that Judi, who was being treated for cancer, took a turn for the worse.  We immediately made plans to leave the balloon festival and head for Las Vegas.  It was a two day trip the first night we stopped in a campground south of the Grand Canyon that looked like a ghost town.  The people that work their were not happy campers.

We arrived at Vic’s house Saturday afternoon.  Judi passed away 3 AM in her  home Thursday (10/10/2013)  morning.  We will miss you Judi.  You will be in our thoughts forever. There will be a celebration of Judi’s life on Sunday, Oct. 20, at Vic’s house. 

Ann & Roy