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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just an Update – Flushing NY

I haven’t updated in a while, so here goes.
The plan is for Ann to retire the end of December.  

We are going to hit the road for 3 months and be back the beginning of April.  We will head south to Jacksonville Florida and then go west along the Florida Pan Handle towards Texas and Arizona.
We want to be in Quartzite, Arizona by January 22 for a big RV show and Rally.  After that we will go the Congress Arizona for an Escapees Boot Camp.  Escapees is an organization we belong to that is devoted to Full Time RVing.  The have what they call a Boot Camp that is a number of workshops covers all phases of RVing.
More upgrades to Roan IV.
I installed a computer desk in the truck to hold my laptop.
We have Streets and Trips program running on the Laptop with a USB GPS to give us our present location. It is a full blown mapping program. We are also connected to the internet via a Verizon Air Card.
Also installed is a high gain Cell Phone antenna to be able to pick up the cell signals in marginal conditions. (the Antenna on the left is the high gain WiFi antenna previously installed.)
        IMG_0937 IMG_0939
                      Before                                                    After
I added a shelf over the bed in the bedroom for extra storage because there are no end tables on either side of the bed.
Well we hope to be going out in the middle of October for a three day weekend if Ann can get the time off.
To be continued……