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Smokey Mountain National Park, Newfound Gap

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy, Happy ( Boulder City, NV)


We are still here in the Boulder City Elks.  We will be here until December 17th when we will put our RV in storage and fly to NYC.   Hoping for warm weather but not to hopeful.

Happy Holidays to all.


From the two of us.

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Life is Great on the Roan Road…

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nothing to report (Boulder City, NV)


As the  title says, nothing new to report.  We are still in the Elks Lodge RV parking in Bolder City.  We will be here for at least another month.  So far the weather has been good.  Daytime temp in the 70s night time in the 50s.  We will be spending Thanksgiving-Chanukah at Vic’s house with Robin, Tim and Vic’s neighbors,  Brad and Jane.  It should be fun.

Since I had extra time on my hands I decided to study for my Ham Radio license.  After about a week of studying,  I took the Technician and General tests.  Passed both.  So now I am waiting for my call letters from the FCC so I can spend some money and buy the equipment.

The plan now is, on December 17th, put the camper in storage in Henderson and fly to New York.  We are planning to see all the doctors, friends and family.  Then fly back to Las Vegas on January 8th.  After returning to Las Vegas we will go to Quartszite, AZ for a couple of weeks.   Then on to Casa Grande for the month of February.  The rest is still undecided.

Since we will not be doing any sightseeing for the next few months, I will be posting updates on my Facebook page.  If you want to keep up and have a Facebook page, you can send me a Friends link.

Life is Great on the Roan Road…