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Smokey Mountain National Park, Newfound Gap

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We sprung a leak (Norcross, GA)


Ann is doing great.  We just came back from the doctor and Ann got an A+.  The doctor is very pleased with the way the hip replacement turned out and how she has recovered.  She has been doing her excises religiously.  We go for walks around the campsite and she doesn’t even limp any more.  The incision has healed and the home nurse has discharged her.  The home therapist has also discharged her.   We are going to have some out patient therapy for a few weeks. Then we are outa here.  We are thinking on heading down to Florida’s west coast and onto the Keys.

Last week, with all of the rain,  I noticed water coming from the top of the window by the dinette table.  When the rain slowed I got out the ladder and checked for any gaps in the seal above the window. I did not see any but put a bead of sealant over the top of the window.    Well that did not stop the water.  I removed the inner metal ring on the inside of the window that holds the window in place.  I could see the water was coming from the top above the window. 

The dinette is on the main slide out.  On top of the slide is a slide topper, which is a canvas awning that covers the top of the slide.


I could see the rain collecting  on the slide topper and leaking through to accumulate on the top of the slide.  It looks like the seal on the fiberglass slide must have a hole in is somewhere.  Nothing can be done until the rain stops.  I searched the web for a dealer that sold Eternabond, a strip that bonds itself to the roof.   After finding a local dealer,  the roll isn’t cheep,  I waited until the weekend and sunshine.  With the help of a neighbor, (Ralph, where are you when I need you?), we released the slide topper and I cleaned the surface with Acetone and applied a primer.  Then put down the Eternabond and rolled it down.  Hopefully that should seal the leak.  The problem is, the slide topper fabric has to be replaced, actually all three should be replaced. 

Thanks to Google and You Tube I found out how and where to replace the fabric.  I doesn't seem to be too hard. It just takes two people,… Ralph.

I think we are good for now

Life is Good on the Roan Road…