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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just to Recap (Kerrville, TX)


While in San Antonio we visited the Witte Museum and the Japanese Tea Garden. 

The Witte Museum is a history of Texas from the time when the Indians roamed the plains to the Oil boom.  While not as big or in depth as the Texas History Museum in Austin.  It is still worth the visit.

Next we visited the Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio.  It was an abandoned rock quarry.  It was begun in 1899 and completely restored in 2008.  It has a 60ft waterfall and many ponds filled with Koi.

I ordered an new toy.  An Electric Bicycle.  It can be used with full electric power or electric assist.  Electric assist gives you about 50% power while peddling.  So, when going up hill, it makes it easy.

Roy New Bike (1 of 1)-2

We departed San Antonio for Kerrville last Thursday.  The trip was only 125 miles, so we pulled into Buckhorn RV Park around 2 PM.  This RV park is where the NHOG (New Horizons Owners Group) is holding its rally.  Since Tim and Carolyn are the rally masters and we are on the organizing committee we figured we would arrive early to give them a hand.  Other rigs will start arriving next Saturday.

So stay tuned, same time, same channel, for the next nail biting installment of “Roan on the Road”.

As always, Life is good on the Roan Road…

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Visit with Davy Crockett (San Antonio, TX)


The other day my eyeglasses, which I had for about 4 years, broke.  Good thing I have an old pair of glasses as a backup.  We figured that since it would take at least a week to make a new pair,  we would wait until San Antonio, where we planned to stay for at least a week.  As soon as we pitched out tent, so to speak, we headed for Wal-Mart and the vision center.  They said they could not copy the old glasses (it was against the law).  So I had to have an eye exam before they could give me glasses. 

Here we sit until the new pair of glasses are ready.  I did not want to leave right after the glasses were ready because if there was something wrong, then what?  We are staying in San Antonio for an extra week and then we will head out.  Where?  We are not sure.

On Saturday we took the bus downtown to the Alamo and the River Walk.  Big mistake,  wall to wall people.  Never do that again.  From now on we will do our sightseeing during the week.  Crowds aside, the downtown area is very well done. 

The Alamo


The River Walk

The downtown area has a canal running through the area. It was started in the 1920s and completed by the WPA in the 1930s.  In 1968 the canal was extended to include the area for the World’s Fair.  It is a beautiful place to walk with many, many, many restaurants.   Oh, did I mention that there are many places to eat?  There is a 30 minute boat ride that takes you around the canal.  Of course, we took the senior citizen discount.  Even with the discounted price, it was a rip off.  They pack you in as many as can possibly fit.  You are sitting shoulder to shoulder with the next person and all you can see is one direction.  Sort of like being on the Number 7 subway during rush hour.  The guide tells you to look ahead and see this and that.  It is imposable to turn to see anything and taking pictures is out of the question.  His jokes are stale and corny .  Of course, at the end he expects a tip according to the sign on the boat. 

We did go the River Walk Mall.  Let me tell you.  A mall is a mall, is a mall.  East coast to West coast they are all the same and have the same stores.  Well, we did find a Western Cowboy store and I bought a Cowboy hat!!  Now I am a real Jewish Texas Cowboy!

untitled (1 of 2)-2

More to follow, so stay tuned.

Live is really, great, on the Roan Road.

P.S.  We are having so much fun!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Raindrops Keep Falling on MY Head (Fredericksburg, TX)


I am sitting here while the rain pounds the coach.  There is a line of thunderstorms coming through. “Boy, they do things in a big way here in Texas”.  Last night it was even worse.  I watched the line of thunderstorms go through on my smartphone.  Lots of rain, hail, thunder and lightening.  We are nice and warm and dry, so we are good.  I have internet, the only bad thing is the satellite went out for a few minutes because of the heavy rain, a real bummer,  I think part of The Jon Stewart show did not record.  All in all we have had great weather.

To backtrack a little We left Bryan, TX for Austin on the 26th of March  to see the LBJ Library and play tourist in Austin.  

Austin, Texas

LBJ Library – I took pictures of the LBJ Library.  Unfortunately the pictures are lost some ware in cyber space and I cannot find them.  The Library is very well done and tells the story from boyhood to his death. 

Lady Bird Wildlife Center.  A beautiful botanical garden of plants and flowers of the area.  Unfortunately it is a little to early for many flowers to be in bloom.

State Capital Building -  It is a beautiful complex with many fantastic gardens. 

Bullock Texas State History Museum -  Unfortunately I could take pictures of the outside of the burlding and the lobby.  I could not take any pictures of the displays.  The museum is very well done with dioramas, video displays and movies.  It takes you from the beginning when Texas was part of Mexico to present day Texas.

Bullock Texas State History Museum (2 of 3)Bullock Texas State History Museum (3 of 3)

Fredericksburg, Texas – I real surprise.  Nice town, great things to see.

Johnson’s Boyhood Home -  Halfway between Austin and Fredericksburg, along US 290, is Johnson City.  It is not much of a town.  This is where LBJ was born, it is run by the National Park Service.

LBJ ranch (Little Whitehouse)

The LBJ ranch was and still is a working ranch.  As you drive through the ranch, the cows and horse roam free.  LBJ used to take Air Force One to an Air Force Base near San Antonio then take a Gulf Stream, or as he would call it, Air Force 1/2 to the ranch.

LBJ Ranch (27 of 33)

The Main house is right on the Pedernales  river.  It is not very big and a very down to earth house   There was at least 4 phones in each and every room.  Except Lady Bird’s bathroom, it had only one. 


Then, there was a real, pleasant surprise.  Fredericksburg is the birthplace of Chester Nimitz.  In his honor they placed the National Museum of the Pacific War  here in Fredericksburg.  The museum consists of two parts.  The first part is a centered around the Japan-US conflict.  Starting with the history of Japan, the war with China all the way through the surrender of Japan that ended WWII.  We spent at least 5 hours going through this part. One part of the exhibit is an actual casing from the A bomb.  There were 6 built at the time. Only one was used. 

WW II Pacific Museum (12 of 14)


The other bomb that was dropped was a different design. 

The next day we went to the Pacific Combat Zone.  It is a recreation of the battle of Tarawa,  Also on display was a PT boat, and a TBM Avenger.  The staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

(Note:  we have seen some great museums on our trip so far.  However, the ones that we have seen here in Texas are really first rate.  Y’all need to take a trip here and see them for yourselves.) 

Get well wishes to Robert.

All pictures are taken by Ann and Roy

Next stop, San Antonio and the Alamo.

Life is Great on the Roan Road….