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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Catch Up IV (Martinsburg, WV)


This blog will finish up the state of Maine. 

Roosevelt Campobello Island is not technically in the US. It is actually in Canada and you need your passport to get there,  It is considered an International Park.  It is the boyhood summer home of FDR.   While we visited Campobello we went to a talk about Eleanor Roosevelt's life.  It was an informal talk where they served tea.  It was called “Tea with Eleanor”.  Everyone sat around tables drinking tea with cookies during the discussion.  It was the kind of thing Eleanor did.  It was really interesting!

Acadia National Park, Maine

 Happy Birthday to Harvey (a special one) and Sarena.

Next, Massachusetts.  I hope this week.

Life is Great on the Roan Road.


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Catch Up Part III (Martinsburg, WV)


We are now in West Virginia (Almost Heaven ?).   There is some beautiful farm country here.  It is very hilly.  Not big mountains,  Just very hilly.  We were taking some back roads on our way to Martinsburg,   just to get off the interstate.  It started to get very narrow and twisty. Combine that with the hills, we decided to head for the interstate.  We will be in Martinsburg until Sept. 5th when we will head for our nation’s most dysfunctional city, Washington, DC.

Now for the Catch Up.

After New Hampshire we headed for the coast of Maine.  Maine is a state we really enjoyed.   We drove up the coast and stayed in a campsite in Ellsworth, Forest Ridge Campground.   The owners are great people.  We used the campground as a place to explore the area. 

We visited the town of Castine.  Castine is a typical New England sailing town.   We toured the town and the lighthouse. The town is full of typical white clapboard houses.   While in Castine we decided to take a sailboat ride on the Guildive.

We boarded the Y-S Guildive.  The Guildive is a 56ft two mast sailing ship.  It is owned and operated by Kate and Zander Parker a husband an wife team who are both captains.  They personally, beautifully  restored the ship.  We had a great time.


We took several day trips along the Maine coast using Ellsworth as our starting point.  Unfortunately, I did not write down the location of some of the pictures.  Anyway here is a slide show of some of the pictures.

Not far from our campsite in Ellsworth is a newly constructed bridge that crosses the Penobscot RiverOn top of one of the towers of the bridge is an observation deck with spectacular views.

Next post, finish Maine. 

Life is Easy on the Roan Road…

Friday, August 14, 2015

Catch Up Part II (Elkhart, IN)


In my last post, I had a video of Ann on a carousel from Syracuse.  I miss spoke.  The carousel is actually at the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, VT.  What a great museum.  You could easily spend two full days there and not see everything.   There are many buildings.  Each with a different theme. 

There goes Ann !!

Shelborn Museum (8 of 75)

Waiting !!!

Shelborn Museum (9 of 75)

Pure Pleasure.  Look at that face.

Shelborn Museum (11 of 75)

And Again.

This building houses a display of a circus parade.

Shelborn Museum (14 of 75)Shelborn Museum (17 of 75)Shelborn Museum (19 of 75)Shelborn Museum (20 of 75)

An old time train station.

This Riverboat was brought overland in the winter when the ground was frozen and restored.

Shelborn Museum (65 of 75)

Our friends, Jerry and Maddie, came to stay at our campground. 

Vermont (4 of 4)

We took a drive together into the White Mountain National Forest.  One word, Beautiful.

More to come.

Life is Really Great on the Roan Road.



Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Lot to Cover (Elkhart, IN)


We are now in Elkhart, IN having some repairs taken care of.  One of our BigFoot levelers was bent at a 10 degree angle.  Most likely happened when we were at one of the campgrounds with uneven sites.  Plus one of the slides makes an unusual sound when closing.  So, Sunday morning,  after leaving Wadding River we got on I-495, across the Throgs Neck bridge, across the Cross Bronx, and over the GW Bridge.  Got in I-80 and straight to Elkhart, the RV capital of the world. 

Monday night we dry camped at Big Foot so we could be first in line.  We were up around 5:30 AM and were in the repair bay at 6:30 AM.  They did a great job.  Between pulling it straight with a fork lift and shimming the jack it is as close to straight as it is going to be.  They also made a cross member between the two rear jack to give them more strength.

Now we are waiting for our appointment on Monday at Indiana Interstate to look at the slide.  We will camp on their property Sunday night to be ready for our 7 AM appointment.


Wadding River, NY

We made a stop in Long Island, NY so we could go to the wedding ofour long time friends (Phyllis and Arnie) son’s wedding, Eric and Katie.  We really had a great time.  It was good seeing lots of old friends.

Eric's Wedding (10 of 40)Eric's Wedding (25 of 40)Eric's Wedding (32 of 40)



In our travels, so far, we covered all of the New England states.  So  we have a great many pictures to show.  I will show them in a number of post so as not get you too bored.

We are are leaving here on Sunday, heading back to Elkhart, IN to have one of the hydraulic jacks fixed.  It seem the mount is bent and it is now at a 10 degree angle. 

Now for our travels.

New York State:

In the last post we were in Corning, NY.  From there we went to see several Locks on the Erie Canal.  We visited the Eire Canal Museum in Syracuse.  Along the Eire Canal were Weigh-locks where the barges were weighed and paid a toll according to their weight.  The Erie Canal Museum is an old Weigh lock.

While staying in the Syracuse area Ann found another…

Shelborn Carousel from Roy Brody on Vimeo.

We took a boat ride down the canal and through Lock 17.

While in the Syracuse area we visited the Ft. Stanwicx National Monument in Rome, NY.

We went to the fort in the morning during the week.  It was a slow rainy morning except for 3 bus loads of  children from nearby schools.  Actually, they were well behaved.  The ranger at the fort gave us a private tour because there were no other adults around.  As usual for the National Park Service, she was very knowledgeable and very personable,   We have found that everything the Park Service does is well done within the limits of their budget.

New Hampshire:

We drove into the White Mountains.

No, we did not go swimming.

New Hampshire and all of New England is such beautiful country.

NH Loop (14 of 19)

Next post,  Vermont and Maine.

Until then Life is Great on the Roan Road.