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Monday, September 17, 2012

Chill’in at Home (Green Cove Springs, FL)


 First,  A Happy and Healthy New Year to all our Family and Friends.

We are still here in Green Cove Springs.  I think this is the longest we have been in one spot since we started full timing.  We have finished changing all of our documents over to Florida: Drivers Licenses, Voter Registration, Domicile Declaration.  It seemed strange, after some 50 years with a NY drivers license, to turn it in.  But now when we are asked for proof of address we can show our divers licenses.

A few weeks ago, back in Junction City, KS, Ann’s long awaited wish came true.   Our Verizon contract was up, so that meant we could get new phones.  So since Ann whined and complained that she wanted a smartphone and I lost my phone, we both got the Samsung Galaxy S III.  We have a shared plan of unlimited phone and text and 2 GB of data.  Now Ann can talk to everyone, not just on the weekends, and not worry about using up our minutes.  So if you call us, don’t worry about how long you talk, or if you get a call from Ann at all hours of the day or night you will know why.  Ann is busy updating her contact list.  Watch out Ann is calling!   Just like the iPad, Ann is getting to be an ace with the Android phone.

St. Augustine is about 16 miles for our home, we have been going there doing the tourist thing.  It is an old city. Founded in 1565, that’s 50 years before Jamestown VA.  Some of the streets are very narrow, navigating the truck turned out to be a challenge, being a Florida resident and an excellent diver, I had no trouble.

St. Augustine is very touristy but among the great restaurants and shops and despite the trolley trains going by there is a certain charm to the city.  There is the Castillo De San Marcos, which is a National Park.  We have found that anything the National Park Service does usually is done very well. This is no exception.  They always have ranger talks and tours.  The National Park rangers are usually great, friendly and knowledgeable people.  The Ranger who gave our talk was a retired history teacher and an expert in old cannons. You could tell he enjoyed his work.

Notice the Flag, it is at half mast.  It was 9/11 when I took these pictures.

On the way home from the Fort, Ann spotted a Carousel.  We had to go back or there would be hell to pay.  All the world knows how Ann feels about Carousels.  So the next day we headed back to St. Augustine.

St. Augustine (53 of 60)St. Augustine (54 of 60)St. Augustine (55 of 60)St. Augustine (58 of 60)St. Augustine (59 of 60)St. Augustine (60 of 60)

After the exciting Carousel ride we went to the St. Augustine Light House.  It turned out to be a very interesting museum. 

Well, on Thursday, it is back to Atlanta.  There we will store the truck and coach, rent a car and on to NYC for our annual doctor visits.  With the price of diesel, it is cheaper to rent a car to go to NY than to take the truck.  Also it is easier to get around Manhattan in a car than a big truck.  So you in NYC, we are coming to get you,  BE Prepared.

Life is good on the Roan Road…

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Home Sweet Home (Green Cove Springs, FL)


We had two fat, ugly recliners, in the rear of the coach that were in when we bought the coach used.  Well, we purchased two new recliners from Lazy-Boy to replace them.  They are slim and more to our style.  Less weight, too.  In with the new and out with the old. They rock, they rotate, they recline.



Coach redue (1 of 1)


So they are not a perfect match, but neither is the price.  The one on the left is Ann’s and the on on the right is mine.  They are the same design but slightly different shades so we can tell them apart.  That is my story and I am sticking to it.

They give us more room and it opens up the area. 

Our next stop was Nashville, TN.  Well, we really liked the town.  So we decided to stay a few days.  What the heck, time is not a problem.  Our schedule is made of Jello. 

Bet you didn’t know that the number one industry in Nashville is not music, but heath care.  There are some great teaching hospitals as well as many large hospital complexes and research centers.  But we did not come to Nashville for the healthcare.  We came for the sights. 

The downtown area is lined with Honky Tonk saloons.  A Honky Tonk saloon is one that has live music and the music goes from 10 AM to the wee hours of the morning, 7 days a week. 


Ann had to go to “ Jimmy Buffet’s Margaretville” and have a Margarita. 

Nashville (81 of 96)Nashville (84 of 96)

We toured the original “Grand Ole Opry”  it was built as a church and later sold and turned into the The Grand Ole Opry. Now the show is held in the Opryland complex, which we did not go to see.  We will return to this town, it is on our bucket list.  That bucket list is very very long.  There is a lot to see, but we will see it all in time.

Nashville (96 of 96)

We are now sitting in a camp site in Green Cove Springs, FL (just a few miles from St. Augustine), getting our drivers licenses, voter registration and Domicile changed to Florida.  We are held up because the computers are down.  So it looks like we will be here over the week end.  Which is OK, because we have some packages being delivered to our HOME.  The weather is in the 90s.  It is hot and humid, typical Florida weather. We are in Tee shirts and Shorts.

Mazel tov to Jessica, Seth, Cierra and Chase on Cohen Tyler’s arrival.

Life is good on the Roan Road…this is not just a saying, but a true statement.