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Monday, May 31, 2010

Practice, Practice, Practice


The plan for this Memorial day Weekend was to go to a local campsite.  Well that didn’t happen.  All of the campsites have been reserved since January.

So yesterday Ann and I went for a practice run.  We closed up the camper and got it ready for travel using a check list.

Backed up the Truck hitched up connected the camera system, locked down the hitch and retracted the auto level jacks. 

With the use of radios Ann did an excellent job (as usual)guiding me while I backed out of the driveway.

We drove around a while to see if I could find an open parking lot to do some practice backing into a spot similar to a camp site. Finding none we came back and pulled back into the spot where we are parked in Amityville.

It was worth the practice.

To  be continued ………

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Satellite Antenna

When I bought the coach it came with a Winegard Moving View satellite antenna.


The Moving View is not setup for HDTV.  One cannot  Rough it without HDTV.  I tried to get it to work on regular TV but all it did is keep searching for a satellite but could not lock in on one.

I purchased the Winegard SK-1000 that is setup for Dish service.

Since I already have an account with Dish TV at home I just purchased a new receiver and set it up in the coach. When it comes time to Full Time, I will just transfer my boxes at home to the Camper as well as the Dish account.

This model dish has 3 LNBs to lock in on 3 different satellites at the same time, so it can get all HD channels.  We also ran another cable to the bedroom where there will be another TV.  Hi def of course!



The Antenna is amazing.  After powering it up, it raised itself, spun around a few times, twisted its head, searched for the proper satellites and locked right on.

HDTV, Satellite TV, Internet, Hot and Cold running water, shower, and refrigerator for chilled wine.  Life is going to be Rough on the Road for a homeless couple!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

High Gain Wi-Fi Antenna


This is the outside High Gain Antenna that we installed to help bring in Wi-Fi signals when stopping in RV parks that offer free Wi-Fi.  The Antenna is a  Hawking Antenna 9dBi OMNI Directional which I ordered through Walmart.

We first cut  a 12”X12” plastic plate and using Stainless Steel Screws and RTV sealant attached it to the side of the RV.  We then attached the antenna to the plate. The cable was fed down the refrigerator vent and into the cabinet above the refrigerator where all of the equipment is to be placed.

IMG_0657 IMG_0656

We ran 12VDC up through the back of the pantry closet, next to the refrigerator, to supply power to the routers. 

Also we ran two CAT 5 cables (one spare for future use) from the router down the pantry closet and over to the entertainment center where the desktop computer will act as a server to store all of the pictures, music files and documents are stored.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Installation of OTA antenna




The work continues….

The OTA  (Over The Air) antenna has been installed. We installed a Winegard Sensar IV   We spent a lot of time tracing the wiring and figuring out how the existing wires were run.  We have them all done except one coax cable which we cannot find where it terminates. We will keep working on that. 

We drilled a hole in the roof to bring the crank handle down through the roof.



The crank handle raises and lowers the antenna and turns the antenna when it is raised so you can get the best picture on the TV.

We brought the coax cable down into the closet where the Bedroom TV will go.


Sealed and screwed down the antenna and cable.

Connected it to the plate supplied with the antenna.


The Plate lets you connect two TVs and brings 12VDC up to the amplifier in the antenna.  We tapped off the light in the closet for the 12VDC.

We connected the second TV connection to  the existing coax that goes over to the entertainment center in the living room.  So now we have OTA Digital cannels in the bedroom and the Living room.

When I say We above I am referring to Myself and my good friend Ralph, who has helped me all through these upgrades. For that matter has helped me renovate my house and just about anything. Thanks Ralph, I could not do this without you.

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