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Friday, November 16, 2012

Yes, we are still here (Norcross, GA)


Since I am not sure, and to lazy. to go back and look where I left off with Ann’s doctors, will recap.

We came to Atlanta to see a doctor at Emory University Hospital.  We finally got an appointment.  After waiting a few minuets a medical student came in and introduced himself and did the preliminary exam.  It consisted of all the usual questions.  Ann then went for X-rays.   Afterwards the Doctor came in and told us that, looking at the X-rays,  he was not sure that Ann was ready for sugary.  We thought “ OK then”.  The Doctor recommended one physical therapy visit to get started with some exercise and to re-evaluate in 3 months. When and If we decided to do the knee replacement, it would then take 6 weeks to get an appointment for the surgery.   By this time Ann was in pain and walking with a limp,  The Doctor did not examine her.

So off we went.  A little puzzled, but he is the Doctor. We went to the therapist that is connected with Adam (our nephew), which later turned out to be the best thing we did.  Chris. the therapist, said one session was not enough and to start a series sessions.  We also joined the YMCA to get more exercise. 

After about 5 weeks,  Ann was getting more strength in her legs, but the pain was getting worse.  At this point she walks with a cane.  Ann called to make an appointment, the earliest was the middle of January because the Doctor wanted to wait 3 months before he re-evaluated her.  After a week Ann called back to try to get an earlier appointment.  No dice.  We were told to call each day to see if there was a cancelation.

All righty then.  According to Chris, the therapist, Ann was getting better,  but she would still need a knee replacement.  So we asked him for a recommendation.  He gave us 3 doctors.  We looked them up on the internet and selected one, called and got an appointment within 3 days.  Great, the best is coming.

We showed up for the appointment, filled out the usual forms and went into the examining room.  His nurse came in and took down the usual, history and such.  Next the X-rays.  Then the Doctor came in, and started. “ I can see by the way you are walking you need a hip replacement”.  A WHAT??? Are you nuts?  We really did not say that, but we thought it.  The Doctor asked,” didn’t anyone ever tell you that?”  NO !!

He showed us the X-rays of the hip, which no one else had taken, and all the Arthritis in the joint of the left hip.  Now things make sense.  All of the injections into the knee that had no affect.  All of the pain when lying in bed.  

The Doctor recommended to have a Cortisone injection into the hip, if it helps, even for a day, then that is proof the hip is the problem.  if not the the pain is coming from the knee.    We are now waiting to see a different doctor to give the Cortisone shot.    Stay tuned..


On another note. I am taking a survey.  Here goes.  If two people to out to eat at a restaurant .  Lets call them “A” and “R”.   They order the same dish.  Both do not finish their meal.  “A” leaves 3/4 of the dish and “R” leaves half.  They plan to take the food home to be eaten the next day. 

The next day’s meal.  Should the food be combined and divvied equally so both can be satisfied? Or should “A” stuff her face and have “R” starve? Which do you think is the right thing to do.  Please leave a comment or send an email.

BTW if the comment or email you send does not agree with me. It will be flagged as spam and deleted.  If Fox news can do this, so can I.

More to come.

Life is good on the Roan Road….