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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Roy’s New Toy (Kissimmee, FL)


We want to wish all of our family and friends a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving 2014. 

Roy & Ann Mt.Rainier (1 of 1)

We will be going out to dinner with some friends to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Now,don’t eat too much tomorrow.

We will see all of you guys in NYC in a couple of weeks.  We will be driving up, leaving Kissimmee on December 8th. 

Here is my new toy.  It is a Quadra Copter. or call it a Drone.  It has a gyro stabilized camera that can take photos or video. I am going to use it to take videos as we travel.

These are the pictures Ann took while I played with my new toy.

Here is what it looks like from the air.


This is a video of my first flight of the Drone.  Sorry for the video, but it will get better with practice.


FIRST FLIGHT from Roy Brody on Vimeo.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving to all! 

Life is Pretty darn good on the Roan Road

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Boy is it Cold (Bushnell, FL)


I keep getting these “Freeze Warnings” on my smartphone.  This is Florida, it ain’t supposed to happen here!  Although it does warm up to the 60’s during the day.

We revisited Savannah, GA.   Last time we were here we took one of the Trolley Tours.  We really did not care for the tour.  This time we met our friends and fellow New Horizon owners, Madeline and Jerry, at the visitor’s center by chance.  The four of us decided to take a waking tour together.  Savannah is known for it’s many parks.  The four of us took the free trolley that goes around the city and did a walking tour of the parks.  Afterward we had a great lunch at Anna’s at the City Market.

Next we visited Hilton Head, SC.  We have mixed feelings about Hilton Head.  First stop was the Coastal Discovery Museum.  We completely enjoyed the experience. 

The part we did not like, was when we decided to take ride to the Hilton Head Lighthouse.  It is in a part of the town called Harbor Town.  I plugged in the address into the GPS and off we went through some very nice neighborhoods.  Then we turned a corner and came to a gate house with a guard.  I politely said that I just wanted to visit the lighthouse.  “OK”, he said, “because you have a dual wheel truck, that will be $25.”  Ok, so that is $25 for the privilege of driving through their precious street and then the admission fee to the lighthouse.  I DON’T THINK SO.  I said “ thank you very much” and made a U turn and left.  We drove to the end of the street in Hilton Head and turned around.  So you can see I was not impressed.

Here is a photo I downloaded from the internet of the lighthouse.  The one I never got to see.


Nice picture, too bad I did not take it.

On the bright side, Ann picked out a great restaurant outside of the town called Hudson’s Seafood House where we had a great lunch.  Good choice, Ann. 

Once more.  Life is really great on the Roan Road…

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Deep South (Hardeeville, SC)


We are following the migrating birds south for the winter and warmer weather.  Last week we spent the week at James Island County Park in Charleston, SC.  This is a county park like no other we have seen.  Beautiful campsites, walking and riding trails, lakes, fountains.  When we were there the workers were preparing for the 25th anniversary of the Festival of lights.  There were light displays all over.  Unfortunately we had to leave just before it started and we could not extend our stay.  The campground is booked up all year round.  They even have a carousel that was closed and not opening until the light festival started.  Boy, was Ann disappointed!

The first day in Charleston we went to Fort Sumter.  Fort Sumter is on an island in the middle of the bay. To visit Fort Sumter you need to go to the National Park Visitor Center and take a short ferry ride out to the park.  Once on the Island a park ranger gives some history of the park.  Then you can walk around by yourself.

Fort Sumter

A shell embedded in the wall from the original attack.

Shell from original attack (1 of 1)

Drayton Hall Plantation:

Drayton Hall is a typical plantation of the times, pre Civil War.  The main crop was rice.  The conservancy of Drayton Hall’s philosophy is to leave everything as it was.  They did no restoration to the building other than structural.  There is no furniture and the walls have the original paint. 

The second Sunday of every month in Charleston they close off King Street and turn it into a street festival.  Local merchants and food venders open their doors.  Musicians are on every corner.

We also visited the Charleston Museum.  This museum is America’s first museum (founded in 1773).  It told the history of South Carolina.  It is beautifully done.  We really enjoyed our visit there.

Charleston Steet Festival (1 of 2)Charleston Steet Festival (2 of 2)

Charleston is known as the “Holly City it has many churches of many denominations. 

Charleston Churches (1 of 5)Charleston Churches (2 of 5)Charleston Churches (3 of 5)Charleston Churches (4 of 5)Charleston Churches (5 of 5)

We did a walking tour of downtown Charleston.

While staying at Hardeeville we also revisited Savanna, but that is next.

We are having so much fun on The Roan Road…

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

On the Move Again (Atlanta, GA)


We got that itch again. Hitch Itch, that is.  We will be here in Atlanta until Thursday (11/6) and then heading to Charleston, SC for a few days.  Then heading south, and warmer weather.  This cold weather will not do.

First, I will finish up in Atlanta.

CNN world headquarters is an amazing place.  We took a tour of the facility.  From Atlanta they can control any of the cameras in any one of their news rooms anywhere in the world (fyi, that includes Dubai).

Then we visited the Fernbank Natural History Museum.  Beautiful displays, especially for kids.

Lastly, The Atlanta History Museum.  We were here three years ago but decided to revisit it.

The museum is on the Inman estate.  A beautiful wooded area in the heart of Atlanta.   The museum consists of The Swan House, which is the mansion the Inman’s built around 1930,  The Smith Farm and the main museum buildings.  The Swan house was used in the movie “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”.

Atlanta History Museum main building.  A history of the Civil War.

Atlanta History Museum (1 of 4)Atlanta History Museum (2 of 4)Atlanta History Museum (3 of 4)Atlanta History Museum (4 of 4)

The Swan House.

The Smith Farm.

In addition to the Civil War Exhibit, the museum has a wonderful exhibit of the 1996 Olympics which was held in Atlanta.  Also, NPR fans, the museum is a StoryCorps location.

Next, on to Charleston.

Life is Great, traveling with my best friend, on the Roan Road…