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Sunday, October 2, 2016

ABQ Balloon Festival (Albuquerque, NM)


First a Happy and Healthy New Year to all our family and friends.  It is now 5777!  We are having our holiday dinner here.  The Brisket is made and gefilte fish and horseradish ready!

As you may have noticed I have been using Facebook more and more to post where we are. 

There are too many pictures and videos right now to put it on Facebook.  So I am using the Blog. 

For the most part I will use Facebook and on occasion I will use the Blog for pictures.   If you want to keep up with Roan on the Road.  If we are not Facebook friends, please send me a friend request.  Thanks.

We are now at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival, dry camping with the Escapees Boomers group.  Dry camping for those of you who are not RVers, is being off the grid.  No water, no sewer or electric connections.  We carry our own fresh water and store the sewer water until we can dump it.  We have solar and a generator for electricity. 

There are hundreds of Balloons, of all shapes and size, from all over the world.

It all starts before Dawn.  We were up and on the field before 5:30AM!

Before Dawn (2 of 5)Before Dawn (3 of 5)Before Dawn (1 of 5)Before Dawn (4 of 5)

Before Dawn (5 of 5)

Dawn Patrol (1 of 1)

This is the Dawn Patrol.   They launch fist to test the winds.

Then all the rest Launch!!

Mass Ascension

 Mass Ascension (1 of 5) Mass Ascension (2 of 5) Mass Ascension (3 of 5) Mass Ascension (4 of 5) Mass Ascension (5 of 5)

All of these pictures were taken right in front of our RV. 

Note, the special shape balloon pictures are for Evelyn!!!!!!!!!!!!

Special Shapes

Darth Vader

Special Shape Balloons (1 of 11)Darth Vader (1 of 1)


Special Shape Balloons (2 of 11)

Keystone Cop chasing Con for Con artist (I call him Trump)

Keystone cop (1 of 1)


Wells Fargo Stage Coach (I think they are getting out of town)

Special Shape Balloons (5 of 11)


Special Shape Balloons (4 of 11)


Special Shape Balloons (7 of 11)


Special Shape Balloons (11 of 11)

Miss Court Jester

Special Shape Balloons (10 of 11)

Yoda landing in front of our RV

Yoda Landing (1 of 1)

More videos to come tomorrow

Life is Great on the Roan Road…

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Immortalized in the National Archives (Norcross, GA)


After spending most of the winter in Florida, we are now in the Atlanta area seeing all our doctors.  We moved all of our doctors to Atlanta, a more central area for us.

StoryCorps has a recording booth at the Atlanta History Center. StoryCorps was setup to record people’s story, any story, and to archive the recording in the Nation Archives in Washington D.C.    So last Saturday, March 5th, we went to the recording booth at the Atlanta History Center and recorded how we started Full Time RVing and our life on the Roan Road.  Note, Ann was the one who discovered the StoryCorps studio here and made it happen and checked it off her Bucket List!

If our story will be heard on NPR, we will let you know.


Story Corp Atlanta (3 of 4)


The end of the month we will be heading to the ever famous (at least for RVs) Elkhart, IN to have some work done on the camper at Morryde.

The Plan, as of now, is to have the work done in Elkhart,  then go to Chattanooga for the New Horizons Rally.  After the Rally drive to Dallas, TX for a Bat Mitzvah.  Then shoot up to NYC for our half century anniversary.  Then……

Evelyn is about to turn 22 months old (and is very cute and very big).  Also, Happy Birthday to Adam

 Life is Super on the Roan Road…

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bet you thought we fell Off the edge of the Earth (Clermont, FL)


Nothing earth shattering to report.  We have been sitting around Clermont for a while, just taking part in the many activities this campground offers.  Our Disney passes are up, so no more trips to Disney for us.

We did drive up to New York for Christmas and to see the family and the doctors.  But since our plans are etched in Jello, we cancelled the doctors, shortened our NY stay and headed back to Florida.  In March we will head to Atlanta to do the doctor thing.  Atlanta is more centrally located for us.

While in NY we did got to see Jay, Heidi, Andrew, Caroline and of course, Evelyn.


And the entire Brody/Bennis Clan got together for our annual Chanukah Celebration!


I also cannot resist.






We also got to see the Greenfield Gang at Ellen’s 90th Surprise Birthday Party!







Hitch itch, Hitch itch, Gotta scratch that itch!

Today we are in Cedar Key for a month or maybe two.

Lots of Birthday’s this month: Roy, Jay, Ellen, Pauline, Rick, and Jenn.  Also, Evelyn will turn 20 months!!!

Happy Anniversary to Fran and Rick

Life is Good on the Roan Road