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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Update (Flushing, NY–OMG still)


We are making progress on closing on the house.  After spending hours and hours at the Buildings Dept. and seeing the Big Shots, we had to see the Big Cheese.  He only sees three people a day from 11 AM to 12 PM.  So you have to come early, around 8:30 AM, sign in and come back by 11 AM.  On Wednesday we got there around 8:45, and we were the first.  Finally around 11:45 we got to see him.  He was extremely helpful. The bottom line is we need a historical map dated before 1938 that shows our property with the garage. With this document and all of the other records we already gave him we could get the LNO (Letter of No Objection).  He told us to go to a service, which was across the street, and if they did not have the correct map, don’t pay them.   We went to the historical map guy gave him the the info on our address and left a refundable deposit and went home to a restless nights sleep.  In the morning we got a phone call from the map guy that they had the correct map and to come in.  Licitly split we were out of the house and on our way.  $60 poorer we had the map in hand.  Back to the Building Dept. to start the process again.  This time we were the third person to sign up for the day.   Long story short,  by 1 PM we walked out with a certified copy of the LNO, which is as good as a C of O. OMG we are done!  That is unless the  buyer’s bank comes up with something else.  One small step for US, one giant leap on our way to Alaska.

Meanwhile, we brought the camper in on Tuesday to a local RV dealer to have it inspected for the Extended Warranty we purchased.  They said it should be done in a few hours.  That afternoon I called and asked how it was going?  “Oh I am glad you called”  they said.  “We cannot get  AC in the camper, did you have any problems”?  “ WHAT”? I said, “NO”.  “Did you check the EMS?” I said.  “Uh, what’s that”, they said.  “I will be there after lunch to look” I said .  The EMS system is a device that checks the incoming power, and if there is a problem will not let and AC into the trailer.  So we got in the truck and went out to Amityville, not a cheap ride, considering 8 mpg at $4.25/gal.  So guess what, the EMS was doing its job.  They had an open ground in their power system and it shut down the power to the trailer so nothing in the trailer will be damaged.  My faith in these people was waning fast.  Here it is Thursday evening and still no call that the camper is ready.

Stay glued to your computer for the next thrilling installment!!!!!

See you down the Roan Road…

Friday, April 6, 2012

We're Back. (Flushing, NY- still)


We are back from Florida with the camper.  It is back in Amityville.  Before we left to pickup the camper I had a 50 gallon fuel tank installed in the bed of the truck.  It is great, you can go and go and go and never stop.  We only stopped to go to the bathroom.  The good thing is we now can carry 88 gallons of fuel.  We can get fuel where it is less expensive and save money.  The bad part is when we do fill it up OUCH !!. That’s $250. 

We made it to Orlando and went right to the storage facility.  Everything on the camper looked ok.  I went to open the door and it would not open.  The lock seems to be opening but the door would not.  I was about to start unscrewing the frame to remove the door when I gave it one last try.  I turned the key to the position I thought would be unlocked and with a screw driver I slowly and carefully pried the door open.  It popped open.  The insulation around the door held the door shut.  Once I broke the seal it was fine. 

Everything in the camper was ok.  So we hitched up and headed out to the nearest campsite to clean up the camper and put away STUFF.  We decided to take an extra day to slowly straighten out everything.  On Saturday we started beck to NYC.

On the way back we stayed in a campsite 2 nights and in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel the last night.

We finally pulled into Amityville around 4PM.  We transferred our STUFF to the truck and left our home in Amityville and headed to our house in Flushing. 

Yesterday we hitched up and went to get 6 new tires for our home.  Then back to Amityville.

That’s all for now, more to come.

Happy Holidays to all

See you down the Roan Road…