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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stuck in Flushing (Flushing, NY “duh”)


Well, I guess we are back on the air (posting).  

It has been interesting.  I guess all of you know that he house has been sold!!  We are just waiting for a closing date.

The latest wrinkle is the buyers bank.  No surprise there.  It appears that they want a C of O (certificate of occupancy) for the garage. We looked everywhere in our papers and nothing. Why this never came up when we bought the house, I have no idea.  We have a C of O for the house because in 1954 the fourth bedroom was added. 

So being retired, I said I would go down to the Dept. of Buildings and get one.   It turns out that if the house and the garage were build before 1938 there is no C of O.  Ok, I said, can you give me a letter stating that.  No, they said.  You need a “Letter  of No Objection”.  Ok, I said.  How do I get one.  Well I have to first call a to get official historical maps of the area then contact the Dept. of Finance and get tax records for the house before 1938, then take pictures of the house and bring all of that back to the Dept. of Buildings give them $25 and in 15 days I will get the Letter of No Objection.  Talk about a run on sentence.

So I contacted the company about the maps.  They said sure, but it will cost you $212 and you will get them within 2-3 business days.  Then I emailed the Dept. of Finance for the records.  Within 2 days I got an email that the research was done and I can get them from the office at 31 Chambers Street or have them mailed and it would cost $15.  Now that was a bargain.

So Friday morning I got up early, took my special reduced fair senior citizen metro card (a great deal) and took the Q27 bus to the number famous number 7 train and changed at Grand Central Station, to the number 6 downtown train and arrived at City Hall station.

When I got to the records dept. they actually had everything there and waiting for me.  I paid the $15, in cash, and was out the door in 15 minutes.  That was easy.

I then took the number 6 train uptown to Grand Central Station, and changed to the number famous number 7 train to Main Street Flushing.  Then I took the Q 27 bus back to 45-58 172 Street (that’s our house).  What to my surprise when I got home was a FedEX package waiting by the door with the Historical maps! 

BTW, I did all of that traveling by myself because Ann refused to cancel a haircut appointment.

The day before I took my trusty Canon Tsi DSLR camera and took the pictures of the house and printed them out on my trusty HP printer, so I could be ready.

I then gathered up all the documentation and headed back to the Dept. of Building to get my Letter of No Objection.  When I got there they said we only do the Letter of No Objections between 8 and 12.  It was now 2 PM.  Great!!!   Actually, they were really nice at the Dept. of Buildings because they did it anyway (whew!).

So, here we are waiting the 15 days for the Letter of No Objection.  We decided that after Ann’s dentist appointment Tuesday (the 27th) morning, we will head south to Florida to get the camper (which is in storage) and bring it back. Great to be retired.

The bank better not find some other delaying tactics because we are running out of time and patience.