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Smokey Mountain National Park, Newfound Gap

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Friday, March 25, 2011

New Update–Flushing NY


I guess you are wondering what has happened to us in the past  few weeks, months.  Well, I have been cleared to go from one doctor.  I am now waiting to go to the second doctor for clearance to take off.  If all is well, we are aiming to leave April 21st, right after the  2nd Passover Sedar.

We have started to get the house ready to be sold.  We have a painter coming the beginning of April to give the house a fresh coat of paint.

Ann has been going through our STUFF and getting rid of a lot of thing that have been accumulating over 45 year of marriage (that includes 19 years in the house).  BTW,  Ann will not let me do any of the packing.  She does not trust me. Smile Ann’s boss from  the job she retired from called her to come back to work for a few weeks to fill in because they were short handed. So she is juggling between work and packing. Not an easy task between working and packing.

We will head for North Carolina to a multi chapter rally of Escapees. Escapees is an organization of full or part time RVers like us who travel full time or part part time that we belong to.

When we get back the end of May,  we will put the house up for sale.

After the rally, April 28-May 2, we will wander around the area.  We will go through the Smokey Mountains, Georgia, South Carolina, or wherever we find interesting and the weather is good.