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Smokey Mountain National Park, Newfound Gap

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A new Addition (Abilene, KS)


Evelyn Noelle Brody came into the world at 12:43pm UAE time, May, 14 2014.  She is 7 lbs.

Evelyn Noelle Brody (1 of 1)

Evelyn, Caroline and even Andrew are all doing well.

Life is Great on the Roan Road…

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Up UP and Away (Abilene, KS)


We are now in Abilene, KS about 15 miles from the factory where we will have some work done on our home.  We will stay in Abilene a week until our appointment. 

While visiting the Rocky Mountain NP we stayed in Loveland, CO.  Last Sept 11 a massive flood devastated the area.  They are just starting to cleanup. The roads are open, but there is still a lot to do.   Loveland is a beautiful city with great shopping and some lovely sculpture gardens. It is a city block of fantastic sculptures and magnificent gardens.

We made two trips to the Rocky Mountain National Park.  Both trips had their WOW factor.  All the National Parks have WOW factors, each in their own way.

Rocky Mountain National Park

This was the highest point we could go.

Rocky MT. Highest  (1 of 1)


We will be checking out a tourist attractions here in  Abilene this week.  Next week we will be relaxing.  Nothing much to do when getting things fixed on our home except to talk to other New Horizons owners.  Then on to the upper peninsula (U.P.) of Michigan. 

I know how everyone must feel sorry for us and the tough life we live, but someone has to do it.

To all of you who have birthdays this month, party hearty and enjoy!!

Happy Anniversary to Heidi and Jay!

Life is Great on the Roan Road…   So come join us!!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Pikes Peak or Bust (Loveland, CO)


We just spent two weeks in Colorado Springs, CO.  We had a somewhat busy weeks.  We took a ride around the Air Force Academy Campus. Sorry no pictures.

This is the scene out our dining room window here in Colorado Springs.

Pikes Peak out our window (1 of 1)

That’s Pikes Peak.

We took a scenic drive and found the Florissant Fossil Beds NM.  These are pictures of petrified Red Wood trees.

Florissant Fossil Bed NM (1 of 2)Florissant Fossil Bed NM (2 of 2)

Next we went to the Cliff Dwellings.  It was very interesting to see the way these people lived thousands of years ago.  This is a commercial site not public.  While interesting and well kept the so called Museum was one big gift shop.  Very little Museum thingies.

Just north of Colorado Springs is Manitou Springs, home of Pikes Peak and the Pikes Peak Cog Railroad.  The town of Manitou Springs in a great little tourist town with many shops and restaurants.  We decide to take the railway up to the top.  When we started at the bottom, about 6000 ft., It was around 50 degrees.  We were prepared and dressed in layers.  What we were not prepared for is what happened at the top.  The train pulls itself up on a cog in the center of the track.

Cog rail (1 of 1)

What we were not prepared for was the weather at the top.  First it was 22 degrees with a wind chill of -9 degrees.  The wind was harsh. Then the ground was covered with ice and snow.  Add to that the altitude of 14,100 feet.  We were both dizzy and sick.  We huddled inside the gift shop at the top until it was time to board the train down the mountain.  Needless to say we did not take many pictures at the top.  The views were magnificent.  Most of the pictures are from the nice warm train.  So in many of the pictures you can see reflections in the glass.  Even with all this it was a worthwhile ride.

Next onto Rocky Mountain NP.

Life is Pretty Damn Good on the Roan Road…