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Smokey Mountain National Park, Newfound Gap

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Immortalized in the National Archives (Norcross, GA)


After spending most of the winter in Florida, we are now in the Atlanta area seeing all our doctors.  We moved all of our doctors to Atlanta, a more central area for us.

StoryCorps has a recording booth at the Atlanta History Center. StoryCorps was setup to record people’s story, any story, and to archive the recording in the Nation Archives in Washington D.C.    So last Saturday, March 5th, we went to the recording booth at the Atlanta History Center and recorded how we started Full Time RVing and our life on the Roan Road.  Note, Ann was the one who discovered the StoryCorps studio here and made it happen and checked it off her Bucket List!

If our story will be heard on NPR, we will let you know.


Story Corp Atlanta (3 of 4)


The end of the month we will be heading to the ever famous (at least for RVs) Elkhart, IN to have some work done on the camper at Morryde.

The Plan, as of now, is to have the work done in Elkhart,  then go to Chattanooga for the New Horizons Rally.  After the Rally drive to Dallas, TX for a Bat Mitzvah.  Then shoot up to NYC for our half century anniversary.  Then……

Evelyn is about to turn 22 months old (and is very cute and very big).  Also, Happy Birthday to Adam

 Life is Super on the Roan Road…