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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bet you thought we fell Off the edge of the Earth (Clermont, FL)


Nothing earth shattering to report.  We have been sitting around Clermont for a while, just taking part in the many activities this campground offers.  Our Disney passes are up, so no more trips to Disney for us.

We did drive up to New York for Christmas and to see the family and the doctors.  But since our plans are etched in Jello, we cancelled the doctors, shortened our NY stay and headed back to Florida.  In March we will head to Atlanta to do the doctor thing.  Atlanta is more centrally located for us.

While in NY we did got to see Jay, Heidi, Andrew, Caroline and of course, Evelyn.


And the entire Brody/Bennis Clan got together for our annual Chanukah Celebration!


I also cannot resist.






We also got to see the Greenfield Gang at Ellen’s 90th Surprise Birthday Party!







Hitch itch, Hitch itch, Gotta scratch that itch!

Today we are in Cedar Key for a month or maybe two.

Lots of Birthday’s this month: Roy, Jay, Ellen, Pauline, Rick, and Jenn.  Also, Evelyn will turn 20 months!!!

Happy Anniversary to Fran and Rick

Life is Good on the Roan Road




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